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Tasneem Ashraf
Tasneem Ashraf

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(520) 335-1883

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Director, Virtual Campus since August 2014.

Employee of Cochise College since 1993, served at different roles; science lab coordinator, department chair of Science with dual appointment as a biology faculty member. 

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2009: Continuing Education/ Extended Study, University of Montana.
2005: M.S., General Biology, University of Arizona.
1984: M.Phil Molecular Biology (completed 24 credits towards this degree), Pakistan
1983: M.S., Biological Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
1980: B.S., Biology, Punjab University, Pakistan

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I was hired as an associate faculty to teach chemistry in 1993 at the Douglas Campus campus and later to teach more classes at the Sierra Vista campus. In 1998 I was hired as the Science Lab coordinator for the Sierra Vista campus, I worked at that position for about 6 years.

In the meantime I started to work on my Masters in Biology, which earlier in my life I did not complete. I earned my M.S. in Biology from U of A in 1995 and was fortunate to be hired the same year as a full time biology instructor for the Sierra Vista campus.

I love my job and enjoy teaching, just like some of the others in this field. Currently, I am also serving the college as the Department Chair for Sciences and hope my contribution to the college as this role brings about some positive effect for the college.

Recently I have been promoted and transfered as the Director of the Virtual Campus.

I am blessed with three sons, one a dentist, second working towards a periodontics degree, and youngest working in phyical therapy clicni.  am married and hit my 30th anniversary last year. I love my husband and my three sons tremendously.


Additional Information:

Click here to view professor Ashraf's teaching portfolio 

 - Employee of Cochise College since 1993; master's degree in biology; currently department chair of sciences; promote best practices and contribute positive learning experiences for students in engaging them with active learning styles.

 - Developed "Reach 2 Teach" service learning project for students to teach 20 minute lesson at local elementary and middle schools, Ausust 2009

 - NISOD Faculty Award, Teaching and learning 2010, Austin TX.

  • Lead faculty member to introduce and engage interactive learning opportunity educational techniques to combats passive tendencies and among students at Cochise College.

  • Great Teachers Academy, Cochise College, 2009-2010

  • Leadership Academy, Cochise College, 2008-2009

  • Nominated by students multiple times "Who's Who among College Faculty" 2005-2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011

 - Advisor- Pre-pharmacy club Cochise College, 2007 - till present 

 - M.S Masters in Biology, University of Arizona, 2006

 - Salutatorian, Master of Science, Quaid-i-Azam University, 1982- 1983

 - Valedictorian, Biology and Chemistry subject disciplines in Bachelor of Science, Punjab University. (1978-1980)

 - Valedictorian, Bachelor of Science degree (1980)


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