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Margarita Fate
Margarita Fate

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(520) 515-5472
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ

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About Me

I am easy going, but like to start classes on time.   I just received my 10 year pin from working at Cochise College.    I love teaching and students give me my energy. My door is always open and I welcome new ideas.     I have a cute little dog that keeps me active.   

I spend my free time doing...

        googling and researching dumb stuff and sometimes not so dumb information.    I also like to bake, walk every day and play with my dog. 

My favorite apps are...

Fry's and mint.com

Someday I would like to vacation in...


My educational goals are...

To continue to gain knowledge in my field by taking classes and reading material to help students.    I try to know something new every day in my field. 

Contact Information Contact Information


Discipline: Business
Professional Information: AA, BS, MA
Campus: Sierra Vista
Business and Technology
1200 Learning Commons Complex
Office Number: 1243
Office Phone: (520)-515-5472

Courses: Enter instructor's last name in search field. 

Additional Information:
Teaching Areas
Various Business Disciplines

Academic Background
Associate of Arts Degree and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Columbia and a Master’s Degree in Management and Human Resources from Webster University.

Professional Experience
Over 15 years of teaching various business classes- teaching at Otero Jr. College, University of Texas at El Paso is an adjunct faculty for the University of Arizona (South Campus) teaching at other colleges    Past business experience includes working for Emerson Electric, RCA and GE as a manpower specialist and manager.

Margarita has given numerous workshops & seminars in management, small business management, e-commerce, communication, customer service, politics, ethics, time management, marketing and various other business related courses.   She believes it is important to continue to take classes to further her knowledge in the business area to remain current.

She volunteers in numerous areas to give back to the community such as jail ministry and community events.


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