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Tierra Stimson
Tierra Stimson

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My passion for psychology comes from the ability to apply the information in this field to everything we do, including work and school, relationships, finances, health, leisure, religion and morality, and meaning in life.  Knowing psychology at a deep level can impact your happiness and those around you, and help you live a healthy long life.

I have been teaching psychology courses for approximately nine years.  I earned a Ph.D. in Social/Personality with an emphasis in Cognitive, Developmental, and Quantitative Psychology.  My B.S. degree is also in Psychology with an emphasis in statistics.  I also went to community college and earned an A.A. degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Biology and an A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education.        

I spend my free time doing...

 reading, hiking, gaming (AION), playing battleship, and bocking (spring loaded stilting).

My favorite apps are...

CNN, Google Maps, Target's Cartwheel, SSR Rewards (Carl's Juniors) and Kindle.        

Someday I would like to vacation in...


My educational goals are...

To sit in on and take more classes... I am a career student, even as a teacher.        

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Discipline: Psychology
Campus: Sierra Vista
Department: Social/Behavioral Sciences
Building: 1200 Learning Commons Complex 
Office Number: 1234
Office Phone: (520)-515-3631

Professional Information:

  • AA Early Childhood Education - Cuesta Community College
  • AS General Studies - Cuesta Community College
  • BS Psychology & Statistics Minor - California Polytechnic State University
  • MA Psychology - University of California Riverside
  • PhD Social/Personality Psychology - University of California Riverside

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